Hey, I'm Gregory!

I host tea time in SF / Bay Area

If I could be a part of speech, I would want to be a verb. Yes, a verb. Actually, I would want to very specific type of a verb called an hortatory subjunctive. The hortatory subjunctive expresses an implorement toward action in first-person plural. Let us… Life’s too short to go it alone, so let us drink tea and let us talk together!

What's your story?

I’m equally comfortable wearing bow ties as I am wearing flip-flops. I was born in Connecticut, but grew up in California. I spent four fantastic years (and very cold winters) going to boarding school in Massachusetts. Now, I’ve found my way back to the Golden State for the foreseeable future. I’m a classics, literature, and CS nerd. I spend my days measuring my life in coffee spoons (well, espresso shots) and reading voraciously. I’m also a volunteer general tutor at an incredible non-profit in The Mission. Occasionally, the Muse(s) speak to me and I write. Whether it’s getting a reference in Ovid to Homer without looking at the notes or realizing how Catullus 7 can be described with a very clever “for each loop," I’m happiest when I make the connections between things and/or people. I prefer sunrises to sunsets—even though I’m rarely awake to see them. My proudest accomplishment will completing a Shakespearean sonnet.

What might we talk about?

How people don’t send letters anymore, asking good questions (#meta), the optimal way to roast a marshmallow, why poems give you feelings, picture books (Team Green Eggs and Ham), ratchet bartending, Shakespeare, roommate stories (shoutout to A.J.), the best burrito in The Mission, beach sports (Spikeball, anyone?), college sports, the way light hits things, why roses have thorns, gap yah-ing, your superpower, best songs to singalong to (Taylor Swift, duh), all things literature, (dead) languages, whether EDM is real music, adventures on apps that involve right and left swiping, film quotes, SNL, volunteering, and that time when…