Hey, I'm Sargun!

I host tea time in SF / Bay Area

I was raised in the heart of the Bay which has led me to have a penchant for geeky technological breakthroughs, a palate for spicy cuisine, and an appreciation for diverse company. Currently suffering from extreme wanderlust, but find good books, real laughs, and great conversations to serve as wondrous passports--whisking me away at a moment’s notice.

In the words of poetess Nayyirah Waheed, “I love listening. it’s one of the only spaces where you can be still and moved at the same time.” So let’s travel & share some stories together! (:

What's your story?

My heart currently (and forever will) presides in Berkeley because a) La Note’s French Toast b) where else can you be standing in line for coconut waffles (Guerilla Cafe) against the mural of Kartar Singh Sarabha while eavesdropping on an intense conversation on the Marxist influence on San Francisco architecture? c) need I mention food again?

If it isn’t clear by now: If you’re looking for good food, I got youu. Watching MasterChef Junior brings out all kinds of insecurities and regrets.

Besides my primary interest in food and secondary interest in obscure philosophical conversations, my other interests include fiddling around in terminals (no not like Tom Hanks, the other kind) by day and hacking in photoshop or other artistic mediums by night.

What might we talk about?

Our socratic dialogue* may include pondering on:
How are you mad?
Can you ever master something? (conversation I had at my first tea time!)
What is the purpose of religion? Where do cultures originate from and how do they collide?
The importance of strangers & informal interactions
Preventative healthcare & freshly baked chocolate chip cookies
Travel stories & travel friends
Snowden & privacy
& other seeds from transient thoughts.

* spruced with many references to Gilmore Girls & Harry Potter.