Hey, I'm Simeon!

I host tea time in London

Tell me, would you like to enjoy two hours of conversation around a good cup of tea or (insert your favourite beverage here) and great people? Of course you would! It's amazing! Get ready to step a little out of your comfort zone and meet people who will not stay strangers for long. We'll share and listen to others' experiences, ideas and jokes, and have a great time. See you soon!

What's your story?

I'm Simeon and I'm a professional human being. When I'm not designing websites I like visiting places and meeting people from all over. I'm really into art and come from an artistic background - I enjoy a cup of tea during my endless painting sessions! I love getting people together and sharing interests and activities. I was born abroad, lived and studied Interactive Design in Paris, and now I'm in love with London. I like to listen as well as share conversations - whether they're serious, funny, quiet or energetic they're good conversations.

What might we talk about?

We can talk about life, cats, animals, startups, technology, tea, coffee, music, art, programming, web design, the best way to cook vegetables, great events in London, famous people, interesting people, people I still have to meet, art exhibitions, happy things, sad things, learning italiano, other planets and far-away galaxies.