Let's get tea.

Tea time is a conversation fueled by the stories, questions, and listening of a few strangers and a super host.

You should sign up and come sometime. Yes, you.


We're strangers, but we're not that strange.

We all have good days and bad days. We're all scared of something, have loved ones, pet peeves, insecurities, points of pride, and passions that matter to us.

The funny thing is that without common friends, interests, or fields of work, we probably won't cross paths. So it's hard to see how similar we actually are in our day-to-day (even if we're following each other on Instatweetbook.)

But we might just start to see it if we sit for a conversation. It's a better shot than reading a website about strangers, at the least.

So let's get tea!

We bring tea time to cities when we know the locals are into it and we have hosts ready to go!

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We're making sure that tea time is where you are. If any of the below is home for you, sign up so we can keep you posted when we're near!

If home is some place else for you and you think you'd lead the charge in bringing tea time there, check out the hosting page and email us.